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Main Unit Module 2, Unit 1


Practice Session

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module One

    • 1. Congratulations! Welcome to Ancient Breathing Practices of Yoga...

    • 1. Start with Deep Breathing Exercise 5 Minutes

    • 2. Breathing Process & Adding New Dimension to Breathing Exercise

    • 3. Deeper & Fuller Breathing Process & Practice

    • 4. The Deep Biological Reality of Breathing - Rhythmic and Steady Practice

    • 1-4: Let Us Discuss....

    • 5. Subduing Mind Chatter along with Breathing Exercise

    • 6. Raising the Level of Awareness with Gentle Focus

    • 7. Setting The Intent & Channelizing Energy for Healing and Cure

    • 5-7: Let's us Discuss!

  • 2

    Module Two

    • Breathing Aligning Biological Clock with Natural Clock

    • Practice Session

    • The Famed Practice of Balanced Breathing in New Light

    • Practice Session

    • Channelized Breathing in the Light of Ayurvedic & Yogic Root Level Framework

    • Practice Session

    • Influencing Autonomic Nervous System with Breathing

    • Practice Session

    • Synergy Inside Two Types of Peak Performance - Relation with Healing

    • Practice Session

    • Getting the Feel of All Variants plus One Significant Yoga Perspective

    • Practice Session

    • Enhancer, Pacifier and Maximizer Concept

    • Morning Practice Session

    • Evening Practice Session

    • Levelling or Merging of Two Phases and Manifesting...

    • Practice Session

  • 3

    Module Three

    • Purification Techniques of Yoga - Blowing Emotional Build Up 1

    • Purification Techniques of Yoga - Blowing Emotional Build Up 2

    • Which One to Choose to Cleanse Vital Energy

    • Reinforcing the Parasympathetic Aspect with Breathing

    • Reinforcing the Sympathetic Aspect with Breathing

    • Which Aspect to Chose and Customize the Breathing Practice

  • 4

    Module Four

    • Meditative and Calming Breathing Practice

    • Meditative Breathing Practice Reinforced by Vibrational Energy

    • Mitigating the Effects of Summer or Heat with Breathing Practice

    • Ideal Breathing Practice Routine 1

    • Ideal Breathing Practice Routine 2

    • Ideal Breathing Practice Routine 3

    • Other Breathing Practices Described in Hatha Yoga

  • 5

    Bonus Module 1 - Advance Topics

    • Concept of Seal in Yoga

    • 3 Important Seals for Breathing Practices

    • Chin Lock - What it is and When to Practice

    • Abdominal Lock - What it is and When to Practice

    • Root Lock - What it is and When to Practice

    • Advance Version of Root Lock - Combination of Two Seals

    • Practical & Health Aspect of Using Seals in Breathing Practice

  • 6

    Bonus Module 2

    • Breathing Practice in the Light of Sage Patanjali - 1

    • Breathing Practice in the Light of Sage Patanjali - 2

    • Breathing Practice in the Light of Sage Patanjali - 3

  • 7

    Bonus Module 3 My Experience over 3 Decades of Practice

    • One to One Experience with Clients

    • We, Humans, do Progress Very Slowly...

    • Ayurveda in Sync with Yoga & Breathing Practices -1

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